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Christopher Hitchens’ opening statement on god

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Christopher Hitchens’ opening statement on god during the debate.

Revelation TV Interview Richard Dawkins

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Evolve (Full Series – History Channel)

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Evolve is a 2008 documentary television series on History. The series premiere, Eyes, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming.

Each episode attempts to explain the evolutionary origins of a particular trait of living creatures: for example, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s 13-inch teeth, the gecko’s “Velcro-like” toe pads, and the bald eagle’s “telescopic” vision capable of spotting a hare a mile away.

Episode 1: Eyes

Episode 2: Sex

Episode 3: Size

Episode 4: Skin

Episode 5: Flight

Episode 6: Communication

Episode 7: Guts

Episode 8: Venom

Episode 9: Speed

Episode 10: Jaws

Episode 11: Shape

Evolution (PBS Documentary)

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Evolution is a seven episode 2001 documentary series by the American broadcaster PBS and WGBH on evolutionary biology.

Part 1: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

Part 2: Great Transformations

Part 3: Extinction

Part 4: The Evolutionary Arms Race

Part 5: Why Sex?

Part 6: The Mind’s Big Bang

Part 7: What About God?

A War on Science (Horizon – BBC)

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This BBC documentary shows the utter ignorance, arrogance and aggression of Christian fundamentalists in the USA, and the controversy over evolution and the intelligent design.

Secular Believers

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Beliefs, and believers, come in many shapes and sizes, and not all of them can be described as ‘religious’. This program provides an introduction to a fascinating range of non-religious people and their beliefs.

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The Ape That Took Over The World (BBC Documentary)

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In 2001, scientists announced an amazing discovery: the oldest skull of a human ancestor ever found. The 3,5 million year old fossil was remarkably complete, and unlike any previous fossil find. Its discovery – by a team led by Meave Leakey of the famous Leakey fossil-hunting family – has revolutionised our understanding of how humans evolved.

The End of God? A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion

January 7, 2011 Leave a comment

As the Pope ends his visit to Britain, historian Dr Thomas Dixon delves into the BBC’s archive to explore the troubled relationship between religion and science. From the creationists of America to the physicists of the Large Hadron Collider, he traces the expansion of scientific knowledge and asks whether there is still room for God in the modern world.

The relationship between science and religion has been long and troubled: from the condemnation of Galileo by the Catholic Church in 17th century Italy, through the clashes between creationism and evolution in 20th century America, right up to recent claims that the universe does not need God.

Richard Dawkins, TED

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“The Design of Life, An Atheist Call to Arms”

“Thinking the Improbable”

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Richard Dawkins’ Interviews

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The Hour: The Hour’s George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Richard Dawkins, on his book “The God Delusion”.

Riz Khan of Aljazeera: The 150th anniversary of the first announcement of Darwin’s theory of natural selection, the main driving force behind evolution.

One on One of Aljazeera:

Guardian: Richard Dawkins talks about why it’s time for a book setting out the evidence for evolution, when calling someone ignorant isn’t an insult, and how the media have made him into a militant atheist.

CBS News:


BBC Hardtalk: Richard Dawkins is interviewed by the BBC’s Stephen Sackur for HARDtalk.