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Technology: World War 2.0 (Wired Science)

February 26, 2011 Leave a comment

How was one country shut down by an Internet attack?

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Iran’s True Revolutionaries Winning (Democracy Now – Hamid Dabashi)

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Middle East Revolt Inspires Iranian Resistance

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Hamid Dabashi: Iranian Green Movement part of regional uprising of the youth against autocratic regimes.

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Evolve (Full Series – History Channel)

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Evolve is a 2008 documentary television series on History. The series premiere, Eyes, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming.

Each episode attempts to explain the evolutionary origins of a particular trait of living creatures: for example, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s 13-inch teeth, the gecko’s “Velcro-like” toe pads, and the bald eagle’s “telescopic” vision capable of spotting a hare a mile away.

Episode 1: Eyes

Episode 2: Sex

Episode 3: Size

Episode 4: Skin

Episode 5: Flight

Episode 6: Communication

Episode 7: Guts

Episode 8: Venom

Episode 9: Speed

Episode 10: Jaws

Episode 11: Shape

Dangerous Knowledge (BBC Documentary)

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

In this documentary, David Malone looks at four brilliant mathematicians – Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing – whose genius has profoundly affected us, but which tragically drove them insane and eventually led to them all committing suicide.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Iran’s Turn? (CrossTalk – Russia Today)

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

What are the recent Iranian protests all about? Is it fair to compare them to the Egyptian uprising? Do Iranians treat their leader just like Egyptians treated Mubarak? And why has the US continuously shown its support for the Iranian opposition while Egypt’s call for democracy made it ponder for a while?

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The Stanford Prison Experiment

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment

The Stanford prison experiment was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted from Aug. 14 – 20, 1971 by a team of researchers led by Psychology professor Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University. Twenty-four students were selected out of 75 to play the prisoners and live in a mock prison in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. Roles were assigned randomly. The participants adapted to their roles well beyond what even Zimbardo himself expected, leading the “Officers” to display authoritarian measures and ultimately to subject some of the prisoners to torture. In turn, many of the prisoners developed passive attitudes and accepted physical abuse, and, at the request of the guards, readily inflicted punishment on other prisoners who attempted to stop it.

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Egypt Burning (Aljazeera – documentary)

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Since the 1981 assassination of President Anwar El Sadat, Hosni Mubarak has headed Egypt’s semi-presidential republic government and is the longest serving President in Egypt’s history. Mubarak and his National Democratic Party (NDP) government have maintained one-party rule under a continuous state of emergency. Mubarak’s government earned the support of the West and a continuation of annual aid from the United States by maintaining policies of suppression towardsIslamic militants and peace with Israel. Hosni Mubarak has often been compared to an Egyptianpharaoh by the media and by some of his harsher critics due to his authoritarian rule.

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The American Dream

February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

THE AMERICAN DREAM takes an entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America today.

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Berlinale Opening 2011

February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Opening of the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. Introduction of Jafar Panahi. Isabella Rossellini reads open letter from Jafar Panahi.